Yesterday, [Business] released an annual study that gathers information on the characteristics and activities of IRA-owning households in the United States.

State of play: More than four in 10 U.S. households owned individual retirement accounts (IRAs) in mid-2022, with $11.7 trillion in assets. IRAs represented 34% of U.S. total retirement market assets, almost double the 18% figure recorded three decades ago.

Findings include: 

What we learned: “Retirement savers plan deliberately for their next stage of life with IRAs—with 60% of traditional IRA–owning households having rolled over assets from an employer-sponsored retirement plan account. Retirement savers often use rollovers to consolidate assets as they change jobs over their careers,” said [Name]. 

Lawyers advising ESG fund managers said an exclusion requirement that’s built into proposed rules from the European Securities and Markets Authority may have an outsized and “problematic” impact on the industry as reported by Bloomberg.

Why it matters: The ESMA proposal feeds into a turbulent period for what was supposed to be the world’s most ambitious anti-greenwash framework for investors, the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation. 

State of play: The proposal wants to impose quantitative thresholds on funds carrying an ESG label.

ESMA has indicated that such requirements will force fund managers to exclude certain assets, as part of “minimum safeguards.” For Europe’s less stringent ESG fund class, known as Article 8, the consequences could be dire. Morningstar Inc. estimates that only 27% of such funds would meet ESMA’s sustainability requirement.

Our thought bubble: “[Business] agrees with ESMA that fund names should align with their investment strategies. As sustainable finance grows, transparency and comparability will remain vital,” [Name, Title] told Responsible Investor. “However, we do not think quantitative thresholds at this time will best achieve ESMA’s objectives.”

What to watch: ESMA said it expects to finalize its guidance by the second or third quarter, after considering such feedback.


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