Sundog Lit (2023 Collaboration Contest Winner), "We Tried to Kill God Without Realizing That the Water Remembered Her Deeper Name"

Bullshit Lit, "how the stillness feels."; "myself, monster"; "in sunday school, the Pastor calls the bible feminist"; and "I dream myself a baseball bat, a bullet, a baton."

The B'K, "on hamlet and hurricanes"

Colossus, "on content warnings and the evening news"

Sixpence Society, "Excerpts from my email in conversation not with each other but with themselves"

Ram Eye Press, "doldrum elegy"

CLOVES Literary, "it gets better (do you have proof?)"

Aothen, "the tomb of Odysseus..." and "my bedroom, mount olympus"

Anti-Heroin Chic, "IN TENNESSEE I CROSS A CREEK" and "on the way back from Appalachia we"

Spellbinder, "what gods may we be" (Print)

Chaotic Merge, "when Houston becomes Venice"

Kissing Dynamite, "triptych for the water"

Cutbow Quarterly, "taking inventory"

The /t3mz/ Review, "you are a man" and "van gogh to his dear rachel upon the loss of his left ear"

Karma Comes Before, "sleeping in different beds in different cities"

Poetry as Promised, "untitled/communications", "true love/is a month enough", and "how could I not write music for you?"

Full Mood Mag, "genesis 2:31"

The Madrigal, "genesis 2:31"

Green Ink Poetry, "a poem for my northern light"

Dollar Store Mag, "nothing comes easily to me like a love poem does" and "ILOVEYOU is my favorite word"

Duck Duck Mongoose, "pain, inevitable" and "Saudade"

Blue Daisies Journal, "my bedroom, mt. olympus"

Voidspace, "taking inventory"


Martello Journal, "The closest I ever came to kissing you" (Print)

Diet Water, "the perfect gentleman"