Stephanie Holden (she/they) is a writer living in New Orleans, Louisiana. Originally from Houston, Texas, she vehemently loves the South and Southern culture. She writes poetry, fiction prose, and all kinds of nonfiction. Consider reading her work if you're into Southern Gothic writing, visual poetry, queer characters, or scenes with visceral imagery. 

A Tulane University graduate, she fell in love with New Orleans and lives in the city with her partner and best friend. In her free time, she gardens, brainstorms new tattoos, and hangs out with her cat, Abigail. She's also a fiction and nonfiction submission reader for Hearth & Coffin.

Her work has appeared in publications such as Anti-Heroin Chic, Ghost City Press, Kissing Dynamite, The B’K, Full Mood Mag, Voidspace, Bullshit Lit, and elsewhere.